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Burundi’s Finest Single Origin Arabica Green Coffee Beans



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Ruvubu is a big river and park in Burundi and is situated next to the village (farm), where the coffee beans are produced. The river water is used to wash and process the coffee into its new mature state.

The Ruvubu River is in central East Africa where waters gather from the most distant portion of the Nile basin. It is about 300 km long. It rises in the north of Burundi, near the town of Kayanza and then does a southward arc through Burundi, being joined by the Ruvyironza River near Gitega.

Kavugangoma: Is the name of the coffee processing station in a little town called Mwakiro, in the province of Muyinga, north-east of Burundi where the coffee cherries are processed.

Richard Kaderi, the owner of COPROCAME (coffee processing company), started Ruvubu Coffee in early 2016 as a distribution centre in Diep River, Cape Town and to promote and sell his premium (15+) and standard grade (TT), green coffee beans to locals. The single origin, arabica beans are shipped in directly from the farm to the warehouse (no middle-man involved).

COPROCAME: Cooperative for the Promotion of Model Coffee Producers and their Environment.

Product Route:
We source and process our coffee from Muyinga, which is in the north-east province of Burundi.
The coffee is then shipped with a truck from Muyinga to Bujumbura (capital city of Burundi) for temporary storage.
From Bujumbura it is shipped by truck to Dar es Salaam, in Tanzania.
From Dar es Salaam it is shipped by truck to the port of Durban in South Africa.
From the port of Durban, it is shipped by boat to Cape Town harbor.
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Product Stages:
Between the time they're planted, picked and purchased, coffee beans go through a typical series of steps to bring out their best.
- Harvesting the Cherries. ...
- Processing the Cherries. ...
- Drying and milling the Beans. ...
- Sorting the Beans
Packing the Beans
Exporting the Beans. ...
- Roasting the Coffee. ...
- Tasting the Coffee
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